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A SaveHollywood Moving Picture.  A film by Jason Edwin Lenz.


Starring:  Josh Roth, Keith Rikli, and 
              Troy Anderson.
With:  Meghan Mulkerin, Tom Mervenne,
          Ben Johns, Jason Roth, and
          Jason Edwin Lenz.
"Disposal" is an experimental dark comedy that follows two brothers and the misadventures they have while trying to dispose of a corpse.  They soon find that this "accident" is harder to cover up than they thought.
"Disposal" is unique in that it is the first film to be told entirely from the perspective of the dead body!  As far as we know, anyhow...
"Disposal" is a no budget film that was made entirely in West Michigan and was completed with the hope in mind that it could be used as a fund raising tool for future projects.  So far "Disposal" has brought in a grand total dollar value of:
Maybe someday I will break even.  Currently, "Disposal" is available to purchase by donation.  This means, you pay what you want to for it (minimum $5 to cover dvd creation and shipping costs).  If you should decide to donate more, I will offer the following bonus incentives:
$5 - The movie, copied and shipped as cheap as I can.
$10 - Autographed and shipped more quickly.
$20 - Personalized letter, nicer case, and priority shipping.
$50 - Will throw in one of my favorite movies (you pick the genre and I supply the surprise).
$100 - A personalized photo plus all of the above.
$1000 - I will make a short film for you in addition to a copy of the movie (some restrictions apply).
$10,000 - I will bring you a copy of the film and be your best friend for a weekend (within the continental US).  Some restrictions apply.
$100,000 - I will make you a unique feature length film, and you will have an executive producer credit with a large share of ownership (some restrictions apply).
$1,000,000 - All of the above, plus a house thrown in.